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A major moving update
07 19 2006, 5:17 pm
Filed under: moving

Last night I got some possibly-bad news. I got an e-mail from Joe (my future roomie) telling me that he has run into some trouble with the builder and the house may not close on the 27th as planned. This would not be good. If the house is not done by the 1st of August, I am able to opt out of my lease. Either way, I really don’t want to be moving to Indy just a week before classes begin and that may very well be the case if I can’t move in the weekend of the 29th as planned.

[update] I talked to Joe just a few minutes ago. He went to the house to check it out a few days ago and noticed that the kitchen walls are bowing! He said the builders have been very uncooperative letting him know why this happened and what the need to do to fix it and how long that will take…. that sounds like a serious problem to me. I really hope everything works out! Saturday was the planned final walkthrough…. we shall see…. [/update]

In other news:
Brian decided to quit his second job last night. After they have continually over-worked him with no regard for his needs or well being, I am shocked he was able to wait this long to end his time there! His plan was to make his last day the day before I moved down. It’s too bad that it didn’t work out but a second job shouldn’t turn into a full time disruption to your life.

Today I am just packing more and tomorrow mom and I are heading out to pick up bedding, a hair dryer, and go to Victoria’s Secret (I have a coupon for some free panties haha). I hope everything works out with the house.. I am really looking forward to having some time to move in and relax a little before class begins.

OH – speaking of… I have my class schedule!

10:20 – 11:45 – Civil Procedure

8:45 – 10:45 – Torts
2:10 – 3:05 Property

10:20 – 11:45 – Civil Procedure
12:40 – 2:05 – Contracts

8:45 – 10:45 – Torts
2:10 – 3:05 – Property

10:55 – 12:20 – Contracts
2:10 – 3:05 – Property

I also have a Legal Writing and Analysis class that they haven’t yet determined the schedule for. It will most likely be a much smaller class and will probably only meet once a week. It would be terrific if that class isn’t on Monday. Only having one class on Monday would be a great way to start the week!
So there it is… my super exciting schedule lol. Well, I am excited and that is all that matters.
Keep your fingers crossed for me and the house!!


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