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Rachel Ray…
07 23 2006, 6:11 pm
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*First a quick note: Fergie is making me nervous. She sleeps so much now and so hard! I can walk right up to her, loudly, talk to her, pet her really rough and she can sleep right through it. Then she will have a near heart attack when she does wake up. I know she is getting old… it just is tough to imagine her not around one day. I am really going to miss her when I leave.*

Ok, now that I am all upset… on to a really random (more realistic “blog like”) post.

(Feel free to skip all of this. It is just rambling…)

Rachel Ray has a new TV show coming out this fall. It will be airing on one of the major networks (can’t remember which). If you are unfamiliar with her, Rachel has a few shows on the food network right now. 30 Minute Meals, $40 A Day, Tasty Travels, ect.

I have always enjoyed her shows, especially 30 minute meals. It is all “easy” food – she keeps recipes fairly simple and ingredients are not obscure. Although I really enjoy making gourmet food and ethnic food, every once in a while, you just need a simple, quick meal.

Anyhow, today I found a whole hate community dedicated to her! LJ is nortoriously dead during the summer months but this community is alive and thriving. I have to admit, yes, she can be a bit “dopey” and yea, if you have a thing for gourmet meals all of the time, she would probably piss you off. However, some of these posts are so full of hate… I wondered what kind of people were taking the time to spew off such nastiness about a complete stranger.
So I checked out a few of their journals.
Needless to say, they don’t seem to like anyone else muh more. One (presumably female) woman’s journal continuously b*tched about someone she only refered to as “asshat”. Another person described their office as a dungeon in hell and their boss as a “professional c*ck wrangler”… I am almost tempted to ask them what the heck that is!!

Anyhow, I went to Rachel Ray’s new TV show website. There is a list of up-coming show ideas and places for readers to respond with their stories so they can be on the show. I hate to say it, but most of these topics sound really…. dumb. It is upsetting to me… I LIKE her! But “Did you make the mess of the week?”, “Know a GROOMzilla?”, “Show us your FRONT DOOR“, and “Do you look like Rachel?”…. those don’t sound like great show ideas to me.

Show us your front door….. lol… wtf???

Anyhow, hopefully it will be decent…either way, I probably won’t get to see it.

Feel free to pick up reading here 🙂

Ok, so I was reading over one of my 1L survival books and it mentioned the “study ratio”…. or how many hours you should spend studying based on how many hours you are in class per week.

3 hours studying for every 1 hour in class…
Ok, that sounds reasonable. Then I figured it out.

15 credits = 15 hours in class per week or approx. 3 hours a day (5 day work week).
15 hours of class x 3 hours of studying = 45 a week of study time
OR a little over 6 hours a day (7 day week).

6 hours a day….

See you all some time next year….


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