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taking a break…
07 27 2006, 12:00 am
Filed under: moving

Just taking a quick break from packing. Today has been chaotic but productive.
I moved everything that was in my bedroom (sans furniture and clothing) and brought it to the living room to be sorted into piles of paperwork and random things for packing. I also have a pile of “to be sold on ebay” items – things I know will sell well in the fall but won’t get me much return right now. I just hope I have enough time to deal with that this fall!! I may wait for my fall break.

I can barley look at Fergie anymore without breaking into tears. Zach is acting out… once he realizes that it is just ME that is moving and not his “mommy”, everything will be fine.

Oh, and I just got the mail and I have been invited to a formal reception at the law school the week school begins. Brian is going to get to come along with me and it sounds like it will be very nice. We will already have two days of orientation in so I’ll already know some people and we will get to have a formal gathering.

[Moving update] Ron has to work this monday so we are moving Saturday and Sunday. The house is scheduled to close on monday so I will be roomin’ with Brian till then. Everything looks to be working out just fine regardless of the house setbacks.[/update]


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