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Welcome to Indiana….
07 31 2006, 4:38 pm
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Well, I am here. Let me fill you all in…


At 7:30ish, I took off from home and began the long, visually un-stimulating drive to Indianapolis. 69 kind of reminds me of greener version of Death Valley – totally dead. My car really took a beating. I had to have the air on full time by 8:30 a.m. and it began to drip chilly cold water as I was just entering the city.

As I approached Indy, Brian steared me in and I came here to his apt. first, picked him up and headed to the storage unti which happens to be located right at the condo community I am moving to.
I met Joe who seems just as nice in person as he did online. He was accomodating and got me keys and codes for the unit. He then took Brian and I to the house which still has some of those last minute builder things to undergo but is VERY nice. I will be sure to take pictures before I fill my room up. Oh, and closet is HUGE! I could put my dresser right in it if I figure out somewhere else for my television. Not that my room is small, it is very deep and good size, but I would like to have as much room as possible 🙂

Ok, so anyhow, Brian and I then grabbed a bite to eat and waited for mom and Ron to make the rest of the trip. Once they arrived we got down to business and had the whole unit filled up in no time. We actually had room to spare which was comforting! Ron and Mom found their hotel after that so everyone could shower and prepare for dinner.

Dinner was pretty wild in itself. We went downtown to a place called 14 West. It is a pretty posh resturaunt. We all happened to order seafood. Brian had mako shark if that is any indication of the kind of place we were at! I had wondderful, big, juicy scallops with fried green tomatoes lol. How Indiana is that for ya!? lol.
After that, I said goodbye to Ron and Mom and Brian and I came back to his place.


Yesturday was perfect after a long, hot day of moving. Brian, his roomate Josh, and I all went to Cracker Barrel for a big breakfast and then got ready for a pool party.
Every Sunay in the summers, Brian’s fam all get together at his uncle and aunt’s place for BBQ and some relaxing in the water. No surprise at all, Brian’s family is just as wonderful as he is. They were all welcoming, kind, and quite a bunch of fun characters! We enjoyed the water, even though it probably wasn’t all that cool (but when it is nearly 100 out, 92 IS cool!), slurped on mudsldes, pina coladas, and daquaris, and had an amazing BBQ pork dinner. (Oh, and Brian’s grandmother makes a potato salad that is amazing!)
We were there all afternoon and I managed to get some nice color rather than just frying lol.
I wanted to watch a horror flick last night so we rented The Hills Have Eyes. (If you happen to see that movie, just know that “horror” doesn’t really describe it…. it was more like psychological and visual carnage…)


Right now it is not quite 8am, Brian is at work already and I am up watching television. We are thinking about moving just a few things tonight to the house to get a start… but as soon as we turned on the TV this morning, the first thing we heard was that this will be the Hottest day of the year….
Gee, fabulous. lol. Well, the house doesn’t close till 4pm anyhow, hopefully it will cool down nicely this evening…if not, well…we are gonna be hot and sweaty.

I plan to clean up my things from around Brian’s room today and maybe head out into the area to see what there is to be seen. I need to find a bank (preferably a credit union) and I want to just get a better feel for the area. It is really nice around here…lots to see and do and the really nice thing is that I only live 5 miles away so this isn’t just Brian’s area, but will be mine too for things like shopping and eating.

Phew…big update but of course, a lot has happened.
I will be sure to keep you all up to date!


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