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This is your brain after moving boxes in 100 degree heat…
08 2 2006, 6:21 pm
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This became a long post so I will try to organize it into Stuff I am doing, rhetoric, and ETC.

Bobbie Stuff:
Monday night Brian and I just didn’t feel like moving anything. Yesterday afternoon I questioned the intelligence of that decision. We got keys for the house monday night and considered moving in clothing but I decided to hold off on it.

ETC. stuff:

Monday night Brian took me to Carrabbas. If you have one of these restaurants near you, I suggest you go, quickly!
I assumed that since it is an Italian chain that it would be similar to an Olive Garden… not even close.
I have to suggest the Pasta Weesie. It is shrimp sautéed in a garlic, lemon butter, white wine sauce with sautéed mushrooms and scallions, served over fettuccine alfredo. The texture of the shrimp was simplsucculentnt.. and if you know me, you know I am not a fan of shrimp. Oh, and get the sangria. We got a pitcher of the red and it was orgasmic and incredibly refreshing on a hot day like Monday…. just make sure you don’t drink it like kool-aid lol.

back to Bobbie Stuff:

Syesterdayay I decided to get a head start moving some things before the “big move”. I got to the storage unit right around noon and moved until 4ish…..
The heat index was well over 10yesterdayay and although I was really trying to go slow and I took lots of breaks, I aconvinceded I was one carload away fropermanentnt brain damage….
I have had heat “poisoning” in the past but I have never been actually SCARED while I was out in the sun… I couldn’t imagine being a 40 something year old man workinConstructionon or somethinyesterdayay. If I was scared, then there are certainly people out there who are truly at risk of serious illness if not death…


I bring it up only to remind everyone that it is a real risk. We usually think of elderly people with chronic illnesses as the people who could die from the heat… we forget about little kids playing soccer, migrant workers, people with asthma, and those morons like myself trying to move during the hottest part of the day.

Oh and I was reminded this morning watching the news that there is another group of people we often forget about on thesintolerablyly hot days – the homeless. A shelter downtown is taking donations of bottled water and hats and I am sure shelters in MI are doing the same but it made me think of how sad the situation in Michigan is…
In Indianapolis, I could go to the shelter, pull up and make a donation -all by myself! No need to be fearful of becoming a victim of crime or anything of that nature. I could have done the same in Lansing… the shelter was right on Michigan St. just a few blocks from the capitol.
However, in Detroit and Flint, not only would I probably get LOST on my way to the shelters, they are moslikelyey not in areas I could go alone and perhaps in areas I wouldn’t even want to venture into with a cop!
Sadly, I think it is easier for most people to donate “stuff” rather than money…even if it means going out and buying new items.

Ok back to Bobbie Stuff:

So at 5 Brian and his father arrived at Brian’s and the three of us headed over to the storage unit. We took Brian’s dad’s truck and my car. It only took 3 loads of his pick-up and one in my car to clean out the unit. It would have been worse but considering the storage unit is only seconds from the house and not on any main roads, they were able to super-fill the truck with the boxes and bags… had I tried to move all of those things with my car it would have taken me well over 4 or 5 trips and it would have simply been impossible to be fighting with loading and un-loading the car in that heat.
I can’t thank Brian and his father enough… I am not great with thank you’s but I hope they both know how much I appreciate it…. lol, his dad did let me give him a sweaty hug after moving though… sharing sweat is always a nice way to show you care lol.

Today I will be heading to the house to organize, sort, unpack, and figure out how I would like to arrange my new place. Kitchen items and bar items will probably be holed up in my room until Joe can get a little more settled… it is his home and he will be there much longer than I… I want him to have his kitchen set up the way he likes and then I will organize myself around him.
haha…. I am just worried if I try to move any of my things into the kitchen I will go all “female” on him and take over the whole area…. I tend to bpossessiveve of kitchens. *shrug*

Ah… AND I need to head over to TJ Maxx today and/or find a target type store. I need shower curtain rings, blinds/shades, some kind of organizer for the bathroom… the bathroom isn’t too small but it has very limited counter space. I have a linen closet across the hall but I will need something right in the bathroom to hold essentials, especially my blowdryer and brushes… they take up way too much room.

The rest of this week will be pretty nutty. Brian and I are going to the Brickyard on Sunday (nascar) with his company. Besides the race though, this is like a whole weekend event…. he is going to help transport the people from out of town to the race and we get to have dinner at the best place in town saturday night. We will be in a suite at the actual race which has me pretty happy… I know everything is better in person, but if I don’t care for it, at least we are going to be able to socialize and have fun regardless.

Ok…. time to finish my coffee and get to work. Ciao!!


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