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08 15 2006, 6:07 pm
Filed under: food, moving, outings

I recall saying last week that by the end of the week I would have my room completed. Well… not quite BUT not far to go at all. Basically just decorative stuff and I will be all set. It is coming together really well.

The weekend went well. Saturday night Brian had invited a bunch of friends out but unfortunately everyone was busy so he and I went to dinner with Brian’s roommate Josh and his girlfriend Meg. We went to a place called Las Vegas… looks like a little diner from the outside and ended up being this really nice bar / restaurant. It was nice and getting to go out as a lil’ foursome was fun.

I will have pictures up shortly of Jessica’s wedding and of Brian and I’s trip to cedar point… just waiting for the other computer to boot up so I can load the pics on there.

Yesterday, Brian took me to the IN state fair. It was a lot of fun… we left pretty early in the day and it was already rather busy there. I, of course, insisted on going into all of the animal barns.

Probably the neatest thing was the bizarre variety of poultry that was there. Chickens with all kinds of colored feathers, unique crows, and even feathered legs and vegas-style head dressings. I went in that barn excited about the bunny’s (which there ended up not really being any) but either way I think I would have enjoyed the chickens more!

The DNR had a really unique display with local fish in aquariums and in big ponds outside… there was even a huge pool for kids to fish in.

And of course, there was food. lol… all I REALLY wanted was a candy apple… I managed to find one and it was great. I am pretty pleased with myself that I didn’t go totally over board on the other items… By far the strangest thing they had was a stand selling deep-fried: snickers, ho ho’s, peanut butter cups, etc…..

Why in God’s name would you deep fry a ho ho? lol

I couldn’t bring myself to try them…. every time I thought about it, my teeth would begin to get a “sugar ache” in anticipation. While the pain was in my teeth, I get the feeling it was my arteries begging my brain to do something so that I wouldn’t eat a fried treat lol.

So yes, it has been a good weekend. Still waiting on money…. I have class assignments pouring in and no books and no money to get books …. lol. I am not panicked yet. However, by thursday I will def. be nervous. It looks like this semesters MAIN books will run around $550 – add supplemental materials to that and I will be somewhere between $650 and $750 in book costs. I allotted myself $1600 for the whole year of books so I would and will be covered once I get my check….

A bank acct, my “jagtag”, and a parking pass…. that is all I want to accomplish this week in addition to reading more about my first year and what to definitely do….

I am guessing this week will be getting a little nuttier every day…. 🙂


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