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11 7 2006, 6:44 pm
Filed under: animals, food, outings

I have nothing better to do at the moment so I might as well take the rare opportunity to update everyone on what is happening.

This weekend… sucked…
We will leave it at that. I was basically holed up working on a paper all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday…. (did I mention that I began to work on this paper last MONDAY!)… yea…

Anyhow, yesturday was a lot of fun! After school, Brian picked me up and we went to the Oceanaire. I decided I don’t get enough opportunities to dress up so I wore a dress I have been dying to finally go somewhere in. The front of it is basically see through right over the “boob area” … lol, worn with a flesh colored bra, it is very sexy… of course, Brian was concerned that you could actually SEE my boobs through the dress lol… that wasn’t the case though I assure you (I am sure dad is glad to hear that haha).

We had oysters and Brian had an amazing stuffed sole with a creamy lemon sauce… it was wonderful. I had scallops with bacon and a basil sauce…

After dinner, I insisted we went to the Palomino for dessert and drinks… they have a tiaramisu drink that taste fabulous but after a few of those you are inevitably toasted.

When Brian dropped me off, I could hear wimpering in the house… my roomate’s “girlfriend” brought her puppy over and the two of them had just left to run an errand so I ran in and let the puppy out and played with her till they got back. She is half bichon half peekingnese (I believe) and just a complete little ball of fluff. For being so tiny, she totally wore me out as I ran around the house and played hide and seek with her. It was a really great way to relieve some stress… as much as I would love to have a puppy of my own around, I always was reminded just how needy they are. As soon as I would attempt to leave the room to change out of my dress, she would cry and get this terribly hurt look on her face…
I couldn’t do that to a dog everyday.

After panting more than she was, I realized I was exhausted and ended up watching part of South Park (the movie) and falling asleep before 10pm…

Yesturday was totally what I needed after a very nutty/stressful weekend. The rest of this week proves to be much less hectic 🙂


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