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Age, "adult-isms", and asking too much.
12 12 2006, 3:39 am
Filed under: current events

I just read a follow up to an incredibly disturbing story I read quite some time ago. Back in April there was story about 2 young men, 17 and 18 years old, who mercilessly beat a 17 year old Hispanic boy. They beat him, burned him, drenched him in bleach, and sodomized him with the plastic pole of a patio umbrella. The 18 year old chanted “white power” the entire time. He was recently sentenced to life in prison. His attorney told jurors that although justice must be done in this case, justice should be done with mercy. “He also told jurors that Tuck didn’t have opportunities to make the best choices because he had an abusive and absent father, was raised by a single working mother, and his only role model was his older brother, a skinhead who is in jail.”
The 17 year old was just sentenced to 90 years in prison. It was his idea to sodomize the teen with the pole.

So what did the Hispanic teen do that unleashed this demonic rage? All of the young men were at a party, drunk, taking cocaine and Xanax, and apparently the young man attempted to kiss the young woman whose house this party was at… she was 12 years old at the time.

The beating went on for as long as five hours… sometime after which, the 12 year old girl woke her mother, sleeping upstairs, and told her about the attack.

Sometimes I wonder how the media can publish these stories without bias. I had to read three stories to put all of that together. 3! All written months apart from one another and although I realize that the “real story” is about these two teens who conducted the beating… something clearly has been lost in translation…
What in the F#%$ is a 12 year old girl doing having a party at her home with alcohol, cocaine, and Xanax? Oh, I’ll tell you how she pulled that off, the mother, sleeping upstairs, apparently passed out herself from drugs or alcohol, who didn’t manage to hear a brutal beating on a person outside of her home.

Years ago it was a very big deal for a minor to be tried as an adult. This case clearly had all of the makings for the 17 year old to be considered an adult with no issue. My question however, is this: of course there are bad parents out there, but what are we supposed to do with their children who are being raised by schools, a media circus of mixed messages, and the internet? Children certainly aren’t googling “responsibility,” or “how to manage without the guidance of adults”…
Clearly it isn’t an answer that anyone is going to come to anytime soon… but I think it really ought to be pondered by each of us “reproducing humans”…


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