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Oh oh oh oh…. hahahaha
12 21 2006, 7:39 pm
Filed under: celebs, current events, TV

I am not big into celebrity gossip, but once in a while I get completely caught up in the fun.
If you are reading this shortly after I post it, quickly scurry over to where there is a link on the main page to a video – Trump vs. Rosie: the gloves come off, way off. I know it won’t be there long… I have CNN pipeline (since we don’t have CNN here at the house) and it allows me to search all the video snippits that are aired, but if you don’t have pipeline, this will likely air on CNN a few times today.

This snippit was from Anderson Cooper’s “Shot of the Day” and I simply loved his reaction. First Rosie O’Donnell is shown on The View giving her “view” of the Donald. She flits her hair to the side, talks super slow, and criticizes him for being the “moral authority” for 20 year olds after he has cheated on two wives and “gone bankrupt” multiple times…. The others on the show point out that he likes to sue, Rosie says “whatever, sue me.”

Then Donald Trump is shown calling Rosie “disgusting, inside and out.” He talks about not understanding how she can possibly appear on television and that he does intend to sue her. Why? “It would be fun”, and he would like to “take some money out of her fat ass pockets.”

The shot cuts back to Anderson Cooper…
I can’t tell if he looks terrified or amused. He quickly states that he thinks they both take themselves way to seriously and then says he isn’t interested in saying much more.

In my opinion, the whole clip wouldn’t have been worth watching if it hadn’t been for A.C.’s reaction at the end.


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