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Snow x’s 2!
02 14 2007, 9:18 am
Filed under: holidays, weather

Woohoo, snow day #2 begins tomorrow! This is a pretty huge shock. I figured my 8:30a.m. class would be cancelled since rush hour would likely be a messy disaster with the high winds we will have all night and in the morning, but I thought for sure my 12:45 and 2:20 classes would be in session….

Well, surprisingly enough, those were the first two classes to be cancelled! The snow will end tonight, most likely within the next hour or so and I am guessing that they could have the roads pretty well cleared off by rush hour if it weren’t for the winds that they are predicting tonight.

Sadly, the storm has interfered with my Valentines Day plans slightly… I modified them accordingly, which is a bummer, but the point certainly isn’t lost.

So, I figure tomorrow I will finish up my laundry and study study study (since all of these missed classes will have to be made up in the future!)… I will have class on Thursday as planned I am sure, BUT my only Friday class was cancelled last week due to plans of the Professor. lol.. what a week! Honestly though, it was a well needed break and I am hoping it rejuvenates me a little bit 🙂

*Had to put this out there…. just some thoughts when someone uses the bible as their reason for considering homosexuality an “abomination”….


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