the city chicken

cracking the old shell
03 9 2007, 8:00 am
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(if you have been directed here after looking for recipes or info on “city chicken“, please go to this page where I have a great recipe for you!!)

Hello everyone – I’ve been thinking about leaving Blogger for a while now for greener pastures. After much consideration, this is where I have ended up. I have moved all of my old posts over here so nothing is lost (if there was anything you were all that worried about lol).

Welcome to the new coop! 

lol, Oh yes. I ought to explain the “city chicken” reference as I am sure it will have different meaning to all of you.

I’ve always liked “themed” blogs. Even when someone is just writing about life, like I am, it is fun to have something tying it all together. Well, for those of you who are unaware, we used to have chickens on the farm when I was veryyoung. In fact, the only vivid memory I have of them is of a large truck coming to take them away. For whatever reason, the image has stuck in my head and I have always been very fond of poultry. 

For everyone else, besides the general chicken reference, “city chicken” is actually a dish – generally a combo of cubed pork and veal or beef, skewered, breaded, and fried. Apparently the name originated during the great depression when people (often immigrants) would skewer together whatever scraps of meat they had in order to form a “drumstick”. Whatever the history, it is worth a try if you ever get a chance.

Well, it is 5am and time for bed… lol, don’t worry, I took a serious nap earlier today 🙂 


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