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too cute to kill?
03 23 2007, 10:44 am
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“Too cute to kill?” That was the headline posted on CNN’s Live Pipeline feed this morning and it is all in reference to a polar bear cub named Knut(pronounced “newt”). And boy oh boy is Knut ever kute! It seems the adorable lil’ guy has been the center of a bit of controversy. The stories on the newwires state an animal rights activist said that Knut, born in captivity at the Berlin zoo, would be better off dead than being hand raised by his keeper. Apparently Knut’s mom rejected the cub along with his brother who passed away causing the zoo to decide to hand raise him.

*oh how some right wing nut grabbed onto this story*

After doing some of my own research (which was somewhat hampered by the awful German – English translation available on the web) it seems that Knut’s mom was likely going to turn cannibal on her cub (a common polar bear occurrence), thus causing the zoo to make their decision. Apparently after this occurrence a “tierschuetzer” (translated to animal welfarist, animal rights activist/campaigner) demanded the death of the baby bear. However, after a very very rough translation of a couple of news articles, it appears that this “tierschuetzer” is a 37 year old window assembler who, based on his own statements, has been an activist for 16 years but connects himself to no organization nor to any other “activist work.”

*oh the irony*

This man has been receiving death threats by e-mail ever since his statement, which, thanks to the media, was twisted in a way that puts John Kerry’s “joke” to shame. From what I can gather, again based on these awful translations, it seems that this man was making the point that if the zoo was going to keep to it’s policy of raising animals naturally and according to animal protection laws, to hand-raise a polar bear would be so against that policy that the bear would be better off dead. Now, if the fool went on to make the statement that the bear “needs to be put to death” (or something of that caliber), then he clearly was asking for all hell to break lose.

Ironically, no animal welfare group wants to be associated with the chatty window installer (I can’t imagine why…). In fact, even though there is certainly some truth to the fact that taking the cub from its mother is certainly not “natural”, the idea that the cub would ever be sent to “the wild” is far fetched in itself. Thanks to global warming, polar bears have recently become “spokesmen” for the plight of the arctic as their entire species faces even greater danger of extinction due to melting ice. Fortunately for Knut, he will never have to face such a demise as he will likely spend the rest of his life in Berlin.

My thoughts – he is cute… he would have made for a nice story all by himself as a polar bear abandoned by his mom and raised by his keeper. It is kind of sad that he was made into a tabloid and now some idiot who couldn’t keep his mouth shut is facing social demise worldwide… whatever….

For an adorable clip of the little guy (set to some great music) head over to cute overload!


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