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odd, funny, bizarre, and random – what I learned this week
03 31 2007, 11:41 pm
Filed under: education, fun stuff, humor, law students, penis

After a moment of inspiration last week I decided to begin keeping a little list of ridiculous, funny, and odd things I heard throughout the week and then posting them on here. What is actually really funny is that I have forgotten the exact context of some of these things and so they look really odd to me now that I am looking back at them! Enjoy.

*I’m going to find steak sauce in all kinds of strange places for years*

*She was too graphic. We don’t want to hear about her “grunting around“*

*My husband and I have told our daughters all about our sex life. We would rather show them the pictures and videos before the kids at school get to them*   (this was on a morning talk show on the radio… and I am pretty sure this woman had wished she wrote down what she planned to say before calling in)

*I suggest you don’t use superglue on your crowns.*  (some kind of bizarre dental reference)

overheard in law school (which is actually the title of a blog about (go figure…) things overheard in law school. I have decided to mention some fun things I personally have heard recently)

*”I didn’t read the notes… what was that all about.” “Oh, some kid sat on a vacuum and his penis got ripped off.” “I bet those people are RICH!!”*  (lol… at what cost!?!??)

*”Little boys aren’t as slippery as pumpkins.” “Yea, she might have lost control if she had hit the pumpkins but a kid would just bounce.”*

*”Did the man leave anything with the undercover cop as collateral?” “Yea, he left his wife.” “I’m guessing the cop thought that guy and his $650.00 bucks were gone!”*

And that is the conclusion to my week of odd, funny, bizarre, and random. Tune in next week 😉


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