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long weekends and bizarre typing errors
04 2 2007, 9:40 pm
Filed under: rants

Good evening. I thought I would take a break from studying and give a quick update on my  rather tumultuous weekend. All of last week was rather odd for some reason. I don’t care to have a pity party for myself A) because I have one incredibly blessed life and nothing to complain about; and B) because I would prefer to feel/think happy rather than dwell on the negative.

However, there are just times when you have to let some of that “junk” out. After spending Friday and Saturday on a hair trigger ready to attack anyone who even looked at me crooked, Sunday simply knocked me off any cloud I might have been walking on and turned me into a sobbing mess. About 6 month’s worth of emotion hit all at once and it was just one of those times where you have to “talk” in order to get it out (or try to speak in between sobs as the case might be lol).

I suppose the “bad news” (if there is any) is that there isn’t any solution to anything I was feeling; just more of what I have already been doing with trying to focus on positive things. The good news is that my tantrum helped and I felt a lot better once it was all over.

In other news… since the beginning of this semester, I have apparently forgotten how to type (or God forbid, SPELL!). I have never had a problem typing and often could practically take dictation in class w/out missing a beat… often looking back to see 2 or 3 minor typing errors. That is not the case this semester. It is as if that portion of my brain went on vacation over the holidays and couldn’t find it’s way home. My fingers feel awkward most of the time or get “stuck” and just don’t seem to go where I need them to. Sometimes my notes are so erroneous I cannot figure out what it was that I was even trying to say! 

This is a real problem in class because you have to be on your toes in order to get in everything you want before the professor is off to another thought and you’re left in the dust. Plus, I don’t look back at notes typically until well after they have been typed when there is no hope of remembering what it was that I actually intended to say.

I have no real point to get at with this except that it is a big pain in the a*s! lol

Good night!


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I’m glad that you were able to get some release. I promise you that all your cares will melt away here soon. 🙂

Comment by The Boyfriend

The Atheist Delusion?? lol.. where do you come up with this stuff? 😉

And yes, I am waiting to be melted 🙂

Comment by city chick

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