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my my, what big teeth you have mr. chicken! and a note about Obama and Imus
04 12 2007, 5:33 pm
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For years there has been speculations that birds and dinosaurs have distant relations. Now there is finally a molecular connection helping to prove the relationship – and it is rather impressive!

Chickens and the T-Rex!

I’ve always thought chickens were rather “nifty”… now I can call them “buff” too.

So now for my note about Barack Obama and Don Imus. I had heard and confirmed that Obama called for Imus to be fired from NBC after they had merely suspended him the other day. My first thought; “what a break for Obama”! There has been some concern that African Americans would have trouble relating to Obama and so far there has been some truth to that concern. However, it turns out that Obama didn’t jump on the bandwagon… in fact, he waited until April 9th, 5 days after the initial statements of Imus give any input and he didn’t actually call for Imus to be fired until just yesterday afternoon. I am really surprised. Not that I think he should have taken advantage of the situation, but … wow… I gotta say I think Obama messed up on this decision!

Personally, I have been out of the “news” loop for the last week or so. I didn’t know what specifically Imus had said. However I am currently listening to the live announcement on CNN Pipeline about CBS’s decision to permanently pull Imus’ show and I am hearing about statements Mr. Imus has made in the past about other African Americans and women in general. I am convinced that Imus has apologized enough for his statements… you cannot apologize forever and there is little more you can do once you have said your sincere “I’m sorrys.” However, I agree with the decision to pull his show. (Not to mention the fact that the advertisers were SURE to pull out after Rev. Al Sharpton began his ‘work’ following these statments and that is always a sure way to get someone fired)!It is a morning news broadcast and it ought to maintain a certain caliber. In some other area of the media – perhaps I wouldn’t be as quick to agree with him being fired but unfortunately for Imus, he made a boo boo in a place where he really wasn’t able to do that without coming under fire.

And now I invite you all to watch a delightful little story about mangos.

[edit] I have to add this. This was a headline on CNN’s main homepage today: Jealousy drove lesbian to chainsaw murder

What in the hell kind of headline is that!?!

The headline on the actual story page is “Woman guilty of chainsaw murder faces death“. I think this is personally enough to “catch” the attention of anyone who is actually going to read such a morbid story. The addition of the “jealous lesbian” reference should have been left in the “out” bin… sometimes the media really doesn’t get it. sheesh.



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