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lust, love, and loyalty
04 16 2007, 8:54 am
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Quite a while ago (maybe 3 months or so ago), I took part in an online survey conducted by the folks at MSNCB about infidelity. While I was scoping out the news on the site, a little pop-up asked if I would like to participate and it was a surprisingly long, thorough, and at times, kind of uncomfortable survey. I decided it was worth it to participate however and the results are finally out: Your Unadulterated thoughts on Adultery.

Some of the results aren’t all that surprising. The great majority of people are in agreement as to what constitutes “cheating” on a partner. Approximately 50% of people have cheated on someone in their past however only 4% were currently in the midst of one at the time of taking the survey… I find that particularly interesting. As I mentioned before, the survey was very thorough. And not just regarding your past and present state of fidelity but also regarding general relationship/intimacy details. I get the feeling that most people who had something to hidewould not be interested in being asked those questions and certainly not in answering them online!

What did surprise me? The lengths people would go to in order to catch their partner cheating… 69% of women and 57% of men say they would hire a private investigator to spy on their partner. The majority of men and women would try to trick their partner into confessing but only a measly 20% would actually up-front confront the other person with their suspicions. 

Anyhow, it was an entertaining read…

and just as a note: the survey does not necessarily represent my thoughts, opinions, past/present behaviour.

Thank you lol 😉


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