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jesus camp
04 26 2007, 8:40 am
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Have you ever given any serious thought to your religion and/or your faith? Whether devout or skeptical, anyone who recognizes the strength of religion and belief will appreciate this moving documentary.

I’ve been eyeing Jesus Camp  quite a while now and I finally picked it up Monday afternoon. I have so many things I want to say about this movie… it truly deserves more of my time than I have right now.

As a quick synopsis, this movie follows Pastor Becky Fischer who runs an evangelical summer camp for children called “Kids on Fire”. The movie specifically focuses on a couple of particular children and their families as these kids are trained and prepared to “take back America for Christ”.  

One scene which I found highly moving was that of a very sweet little boy who was on stage at the camp in front of his peers. He was emotionally confessing that he didn’t always believe the words of the bible. He admitted it was difficult to always beleive in something you cannot see. Essentially, this little child was asking for forgiveness for questioning those things he cannot see and for questioning those things he doesn’t necessarily agree with.

I personally found this heartbreaking. I believe that children can indeed feel very strongly about faith and religion, perhaps even more-so than adults. But this little boy felt obvious guilt, shame, and remorse for questioning his faith! The questions are what count! Questions bring each of us, personally, to answers; answers which we all come to on our own, with only the guidance of our God. What is more personal than the faith each of us has developed within ourselves over the course of our lives? This child, in the midst of a normal progression of building his faith, felt guilty about it. 

I end with this: will this child become a strong, faithful, knowledgable advocat of God, or will he become a sheep?


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I forgot to watch that this weekend. I’ll get it again and watch it, i promise!!

Comment by The Boyfriend

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