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05 17 2007, 7:16 am
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Hello everyone –

I had no reason to suspect that I would update the blog while on vaca… (I only brought the computer in order to charge my iPod), but if I don’t update, I get no hits ūüė¶

So here I am…. For not getting near as many hits that last few days, I about peed my pants reading through the search terms that people had used to find me (I sense an update on that soon! lol).

So what is new here in Florida?

Yesterday, our entire group (4 couples) piled into the rented mini-van and traveled up to Clearwater to go fishing. Family of mine owns some of the large charter fishing boats. I had a great time; caught lots of fish, and just enjoyed the breeze and salty air. Our group did really well too as far as quantity of fish caught. Granted, we were the largest group on the boat, but per capita, we really made a killing. There weren’t any real unusual catches – mostly sea bass and a few random snapper and only one grouper ended up being a keeper.

Although there weren’t many strange catches, we did see lots of fun stuff out there; two flying fish, a big sting ray, a couple pods of dolphins (which swam directly under the front of the boat for a while), and one very interesting sea turtle.¬†When we returned to the marina, everyone enjoyed watching the first mate¬†filet our fish.¬†As usual, one sneaky egret and a¬†hoard of pelicans surrounded him, clunking and plodding around each other for a slab of fish. That is always rather entertaining. (Pictures of the trip to come).

Last night, Brian and one of his buddies beer battered and fried a good portion of our catch. Except for the fact that we were kind of stuck because of time and supplies as far as de-boning goes, it turned out great and we had a wonderful fried fish dinner along with some jambalaya Brian’s roommate pulled together.

In general, things here have been very nice – lots of time¬†spent in the¬†sun. Brian and I¬†purchased goggles and did some¬†“ocean scoping”… decided we should have gotten¬†the¬†whole snorkle outfit and somewhat gave up on that…. but fortunately the ocean water has been warm enough to get in a couple of days. The others aren’t much for ocean swimming, but the pool here at the hotel is just lovely so¬†we have all spent a great deal of time in there!¬†¬†

I did manage to get a little too much sun –¬†a tender spot on one ear, my scalp, and my upper back – but it was tolerable. Unfortunately on the boat yesterday I did overdo it –¬†some oddly shaped spots on my calves, feet, and thighs burnt something fierce and a couple hours¬†after getting out of the sun it felt like someone was pouring liquid magma over my legs. Some medicated aloe and ibuprofen and it is better now.¬†Fortunately no one else has fried to the point of serious discomfort and we haven’t really encountered any problems that kept us from enjoying ourselves.

Well, I am sure my typing at 7am is driving my boyfriend batty so I will leave this at that. I am really looking forward to my last couple days here and looking forward to the rest of this summer…. a great vacation really was the ticket I think ūüėČ

Love you all!


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