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the weekend update and a job rant….
06 10 2007, 12:17 pm
Filed under: law students, rants

Good morn…. err…. just missed it – good afternoon. So it is Sunday and not much to report. I reorganized my closet this morning and finished some laundry… later today I need to hit Target or the like for some shades/blinds. I have a set that my roommate provided when I moved it but they do nothing to keep the sun out. It can get so hot in my room on the super warm days and the bright sunshine causes excessive algae growth in my betas tank. Other than that, I need to pick up a Sunday paper for the classifieds and I will probably spend some of the day with Brian. Wish there was more exciting stuff to report but this is it for now.

Keep your fingers crossed for more good news on the job front for me. Oh… speaking of which… this morning I caught some of the Lakeside Church service – Joel Osteen is the minister there. And he had a really great sermon that seemed incredibly appropriate to my current situation. It basically made me think that it would be rediculous for me to alter my resume/job apps by not mentioning law school. If that is indeed the reason I am not being called back from these positions, those are not positions I want anyhow. I know it is more important to find a job right now than to make a statement, but I worked hard to get into law school and I am proud that I was able to. I don’t know WHY anyone hiring summer help would have a problem with that and honestly, I don’t care. Every employer I have ever had has thought I was a great, hard-working, and super fast learning employee. I have never brown-nosed to anyone in my life @ work or school – I have made it by being capable… I sure as shit won’t play down my intelligence or abilities to make others more comfortable.

So that is that. 🙂


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