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not quite a manic monday
06 11 2007, 4:48 pm
Filed under: fitness, job search

Today I headed further out in the job search to an area with a newer outdoor mall. It is very nice over there and the area is growing. I applied to quite a few stores but only one actually stated that they were hiring at this time. But you never know… I made some changes to my application strategy and was sure to note that I was not only looking for summer work but for something I can keep during the school year as well. I also began stating that I am currently in “grad. school” and decided to forgo mentioning “law school” specifically.

While I was there, I passed a Lens Crafters and after talking to my parents, I decided I couldn’t put off getting my eyes checked any longer. It has been over a year since my last exam and it has been clear for almost 6 months now that I needed a new Rx. Last semester I found myself having headaches in class and one day I caught myself doing homework with my hand planted firmly over my right eye. It is amazing how quickly your brain will begin to compensate for vision problems and in the strangest ways. I had essentially stopped wearing my contacts and spent the majority of last semester in my glasses.

Well it turns out that my eyes actually have improved! A first in 15 years of wearing corrective lenses! I was given a trial pair of contacts to take home and try out and next week a box of “sea green” Freshlooks will be ready for me to pick up! 🙂

While I was in the exam, I chatted with the doctor and mentioned that I was out looking for a job. She joked that they are often hiring and when I started chatting with the office girls I learned that one of them is moving at the end of July.  I picked up an app on my way out and I will take it back when I pick up the contacts. Tomorrow I am heading back out to the area I was in originally to see if there are any new signs up and to apply to the “last resort” jobs that I had overlooked before. I plan to call a few of the places I applied to before as well to see where they are on their callbacks and if they will give me any indication as to why they never contacted me.

Otherwise, I am going to work on getting in shape. I was hoping to get into a nice routine with work, working out, etc but getting in shape is free and I can’t wait for the job to show up to do it. The summer isn’t all that long and I want to feel better once school is back in session. Brian is looking to lose weight before he heads back out to Florida next October so we are going to try to work together to get our butts looking spiffy.

Okay… lots more to accomplish tonight… mainly random errands… ciao!! 🙂


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