the city chicken

09 19 2007, 9:20 am
Filed under: moving

I’ve been lax with the blog – I know. I am sorry about that. For those of you who are even remotely close to me, I am sure you can guess why. In all reality, anything I could have written in the last week or so would have probably been a babbling mess of emotions.

Well… I am still a babbling mess of emotions BUT these are good emotions. I have semi-moved into my new place. Hopefully tonight will be the very last time I have to remove anything from the old place. I will still have some cleaning to do and at some point this week I will have a walk-though of the house but other than that, I am moved.

I filled out a move-in report sheet yesterday at the new place. My ceiling fan doesn’t rotate – whoopdedoo. The maintenance man was over within the hour of handing in the sheet to check it out. The only “big” thing was the dishwasher. I had been told during my look-over of the model apartment that I would have a dishwasher in my unit. Well, it is missing. In fact, there has clearly never been one in the apartment at all. I just assumed that it was a mistake on the girl’s part who told me there would be one but Brian told me to ask the office about it. Thank goodness I did. They are coming out this week to measure a space for one and will be ordering one shortly. 🙂 (The staff at this place has been sooo helpful and patient during the whole moving process – I am thrilled with them!)

Cable and internet were hooked up in the new place yesterday so I happily (and very quickly) packed up some bedding and a light and plopped myself down in a make-shift bed on the living room floor last night. I read for class and watched HGTV until I fell asleep.

I am convinced that everything has happened the way it was intended to. Although I am confused about the “greater purpose” some of these events had, I will try to trust that it all has a reason.


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