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just a quick update
09 27 2007, 8:27 am
Filed under: daily grind, moving

Hello – it has been a busy week. Busy with unpacking, moot court, school, and whatever else happened that I can’t even remember now.

On Monday Brian, his father and roommate came over to deliver a couch which Brian’s aunt has given me. It is a large blue “fold out” couch and boy oh boy did it end up being a pain to get into the apt! It was clearly heavy – all three of them were hot and sweaty and making lots of “lifting noises” … all I could offer was to be a door holder and as much of a guide as possible – although even guiding was difficult as it was impossible to see around the couch at all.

My apt. is considered the “terrace level” – basically there is no “first floor” to my building. You enter the apartment building and are standing on a landing with the option to either go upstairs or downstairs  – my apartment is down and when you look out the windows, you are looking directly at grass.

So they got the couch through the building door and downstairs and down the hallway without too much trouble – it was getting it to turn the corner and make it through my apt. door that was the issue. For future reference, we should have videotaped the whole scenario so we can remember how to do it when I move again (which hopefully will not be for a solid two years!)

Anyhow, I pulled out the folding bed, put my own mattress on top of the one that came with the couch, and I have been sleeping in the living room — I simply don’t have the time this week to organize everything and unpack completely so that is ok with me.

Yea, moot court…. it is keeping me busy and it is adding plenty of stress. But it should be ok.

Well, class should be starting anytime now. I will be cooped up for the rest of the week and weekend with moot court preperations and that is about it. Oh, and I have found a couple clubs here at school that I plan to join – I am excited about finally being able to get involved. Should be fun!



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