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I’m an adoptive parent!!
10 13 2007, 8:13 pm
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So I ran over to PetCo today. There was supposed to be someone from Cat Haven (a cat rescue) there around 9am with a few kitties and I planned to make an appt. to go to her home to see her fostered cats. Well, at 9:30 no one was there. And at 10am, still… no one there. I was discouraged and then began to think that maybe it was a sign.

So off to Indianapolis Animal Care and Control – ie, the pound. I was here for at least 2 hours – there were two rooms. The first had a LOT of potential pets – four adults kitties that I really liked but wanted to get to know better before deciding. Then I headed into the second room which had lots of cats running free, howling, being “dirty”, getting sassy with one another and the like. And in the middle of the room, two eyes hit mine and begged to be taken out of that chaos.

His name is Oliver and he is three – a stray, dropped off by his finder. What struck me about him the most was that he was very much a “cat” – he wasn’t going to go out of his way to come to me. But he always looked me directly in the eye and was happy to be petted and when I picked him up and sat him in my lap, he rotated around a few times, laid down, and fell asleep! All in a matter of minutes! He is just so dang calm and collected. It didn’t take long to decide that he was the one I wanted. And as an added bonus, I feel like I really am saving him from what has likely been a rough haul – he has been in the shelter longer than most of his roommates – since June 20th!

I really didn’t want to take anyone home today. Fortunately, he still needs to be fixed and get his rabies vaccine so I set him a Doctor’s appt for the 23rd – that way mom and Ron will have already been here and dropped off the remainder of the furniture before he ever even gets here and the chaos of moving will be over.  While mom and Ron are here I am planning on making a quick trip over to the shelter so they can at least meet him – he really is cool.

So I am much more calm just knowing I will have a buddy around the apt. now. And, oddly enough, I was terribly emotional about Fergie right up until the instant that I decided I was taking Oliver. I don’t feel guilty anymore – she has a home and a great family (I should know!) who loves her very very much. Now I can provide that same thing to another cat who really needs it.

Here’s Oliver’s mugshot: (I am sure I will be like a new parent as soon as I get him home so expect lots more pictures!!!)

Mr. Oliver

Oh, and yes – his head is too big for his body – and I love that about him! 🙂


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Just a small word of friendly advice from an ol’ pro, after you get Oliver, stay out of those adoption places or you’ll end up like me with 4 lovable pets with “rescue” stories. This is how the last 3 jumped into my heart, the last 2 were definitely not planned, but I “had” to do something. Who else was going to take them out of there? And somehow, someway, they all wormed their way into my heart, part of which makes them ALL so endearing to me.
By the way, congratulations, I’m very happy for you. That little bit of life that is always happy to see you no matter what kind of day you’ve had. Can’t wait to see more pictures real soon.

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