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10 28 2007, 9:40 pm
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So Oliver is home and the two of us have settled into a peaceful existence here. He was never scarce or skittish – he plopped down in the center of the living room the first day and pretty much has been somewhere within 3 feet of me since he moved in. Thus far, he doesn’t act much like a cat at all – besides insisting on lying wherever he feels like it (including my head and homework) otherwise, he has been calm as a clam and he clearly is thrilled to be with in a home and I am so glad I could provide that for him 🙂

In other news, I recently found out my friend Pam is engaged and I have been asked to stand up in her wedding. The details of date are still to be made but I really excited. I have never stood up in a wedding. Perhaps the best part is that I am close to both Pam and her fiance as individuals so it is like getting a double wedding whammy. It does feel really weird to have so many of my friends getting married though. I had heard that the weddings tend to come like an onslaught in your mid-20’s, I just didn’t realize they would all happen within the span of the same 2-3 years! Pam will be the third of my closest friends from high school to do so and another friend of mine just moved in with her boyfriend and it seems like their big announcement will be right around the corner. I am thrilled I get to take part in the excitment and sit back and enjoy it as an “outsider” for the time being. \

In other news… well, there isn’t a ton of other news. Moot court is almost “over” for the most part – I argue again on Tuesday and that may or may not be the last time. I won’t know for a while yet. I happen to get to have the fun of arguing at the Appeals Court again – I am glad this time – it is much better set up for this than the big hallow classrooms I have been in the last two arguments.

Well, Oliver and I are going to watch some TV, maybe grab a snack, and get some sleep tonight. Hope everyone is having a good evening 🙂

Oh yea, and now time for pictures:

This shot was taken about 20minutes after Oliver arrived home Tuesday – he was super sleepy and trying soooo hard to keep his eyes open to see what all was going on in this new place.

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More sleepy first day photos – he was chillin’ watching me prep for moot court.

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A few days home (wearing his shiny new collar and tag) sleeping in his “I’m really pooped” position.

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Little man is lookin good!

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