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search terms that make you smile…. or cry
11 8 2007, 9:38 pm
Filed under: fun stuff, humor

Is it a spelling problem?

Or did this person grow up in a part of the country where accent, drawl, or pronunciation made deciphering what others said a nightmare?

 I don’t know but here is the most recent search term that brought someone by my blog:

“chicken court on blue”

I googled it myself (sans the ” “), and sure enough, my blog is the number three match.

I will admit, I get a lot of searchers coming to my blog looking for information about chickens but this had to be one of the best ones yet.

Dear “Chicken Court on Blue” searcher, if you return to my blog I hope I have not offended you. Let me please instead point you in a new direction: chicken cordon bleu, complete recipe and lovely picture. Bon appetite!


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Well baby, you’re the #1 item on google now.

Comment by The Boyfriend

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