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law student or psychology grad?
11 30 2007, 11:18 am
Filed under: daily grind, law students

So every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I sit in a small dining/study room before my 11:40 class (because if you don’t get here by 8:20 god knows where you will have to park).

And every one of those days, there is a young man who sits in a corner seat, typically kitty-corner from me. He wears large headphones and has a webcam attached to his computer and he is always talking to someone over the net – like actually speaking into a microphone, not typing-cyber-talk.

A couple weeks ago I shared his conversation with Brian because it was so bizarre. It seemed apparent he was either being dumped or some girl desperately was trying to get that point across. It was such a strange and personal conversation – he was practically in tears and basically yelling into the mic.

Today when I arrived I was the only one besides him in this sitting area. He immediately put his hand over his mouth in order to continue what appeared to be a dirty conversation.

Now I have never seen this dude outside of this area. He certainly carries around enough shit to be a law student… but I am beginning to wonder if he isn’t a psych grad doing some kind of bizarre study on human reaction/interaction or… perhaps he is a computer buff who is actually using the wireless connection here to tap into other people’s computers for god knows what.

If he is a law student, my characterization of him? Pussy. Save a client, drop out now.

Hey, life (and certainly law) requires you to be a bitch sometimes.


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