the city chicken

12 1 2007, 5:35 am
Filed under: Oliver

It is 4:24am. At 4:00 precisely, Oliver sat directly behind my head and “prrruurrppp”.  Then “prrruuuurrrrrrp”. Then prruuurrrp” (lower tone). Then began to bop my head with his. I looked at the clock and said “NO”. He just got more and more persistent.

I got him some food.

He ignored it, walked back to bed and laid down on my pillow.


 “purp” (defiant)

I walked over to the other room. He stood at the doorway and peeked his head around but wouldn’t walk in. (Have I just adopted a toddler; “Mommy, I had a bad dream! Can I crawl in with you?”)

This made me a little nervous because I have no clue what his problem is this morning so I checked the place out for good measure.

Everything is fine.

“Are you cold?” I snuggle him, he squirms away.

Now he is staring at me and looking rather pissed. He actually looks like he might attack the computer… and not like “oh, computer! Let’s play!”… no, like “*&%&*($)# computer is gonna die &($)*#” (cat swear words not intended to represent anything we understand).

Now I will either be going to bed or murdering Oliver… whichever comes first.


So as I was getting ready for school this morning, I noticed Oliver wasn’t following me around as usual. Mr. Self Sufficient had apparently run out of water in the middle of the night and had found a new well to wet his palate – I found him face first in the toilet!

It is a rare day that Oliver is without water for any amount of time. I typically have to change his water, not fill an empty bowl. He must be feeling more up to speed since his vet visit….




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