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Cat instincts
12 2 2007, 9:04 am
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Random picture I snagged

So I have had cats my whole life but Oliver is the first cat to exhibit what is a very old instinctual behaviour. After eating, he practically tears the floor apart right next to his dish. I went out and purchased a kitty scratching mat and every time he eats a “meal” or has even a small snack, he goes at it. I figured this was an instinctual thing but I looked it up today and it definitely is – cats used to bury remains of their food along with the things we know they cover up…

I also found a message board regarding tomcats and the development of the kind of big, juicy cheeks that Oliver has. Apparently most unneutered toms will develop at least some amount of “jowl” or “face shield” but there is no specific time frame for which this will happen and if they are neutered, it won’t happen at all. I was lucky enough to get Oliver at a point in his life where he has, what is apparently, very desirable muscle tone and cheeks but he didn’t come with all of the negative aspects of having a tom! Lucky lucky me!!!

The only downside to those adorable cheeks? The assistants at the vet’s office couldn’t help themselves – those cheeks were probably sore by the time we got home after all the squeezing they endured lol.

So today, I have a TON of Criminal Procedure stuff to do today and a bazillion loads of laundry. Brian is nice enough to let me bring my laundry to his place so I don’t have to spend a fortune here at the apt’s or at the laundry mat but I will have to see just how many loads I have… I would hate to tie up his laundry room all day long.

Well everyone – I am out! Ciao!


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