the city chicken

It’s a start
12 3 2007, 9:43 am
Filed under: daily grind

This day is off to a gritty start.

If I don’t leave the apartment by 7:55am, parking is impossible in the lot right by the school. And on a Monday right before finals, it is likely that parking will be even worse than usual. Well I left right before 8am and noticed that my gas gauge was almost on empty. I figured I could make it to school and I would get gas on the way home…

That was the plan at least.

Pretty soon the gas light permanently goes on and I realize, I forgot my wallet. I don’t have enough gas to get to school and back home and across the street to get the gas. It isn’t a long ride round trip but it is long enough that I probably would have been screwed.

So I turned around. Now I am at home and I will be here until about 9:30ish. If I leave then there should be a gap in the class times and people might be leaving so there will be some kind of parking available somewhere hopefully. If not, I at least have two hours to stalk people coming out of the buildings to try and snag something.


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