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Anti-aging miracle = vinegar
12 10 2007, 8:06 am
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Or maybe not….

I have recently noticed a resurgence of the “miracle vinegar” gurus. At my make-up chat forum, at a green webiste, and on a variety of other forums and blogs.

Here is my take, and it might be worth 2 cents since I have been actually drinking vinegar, almost daily, since I was a toddler.

White, red wine, apple cider (the gurus favorite pick for some reason), malt, champagne, rice, etc. I will tackle them all. I started with white, sipping out of shot glasses. I began dunking salt and vinegar chips into white vinegar at a very young age (and somehow turned my best friends and mother on to this). I moved on next to apple cider vinegar (otherwise known as ACV) and I have found myself stomping out the calories of the chips by adding a little salt to the vinegar and it cures the bizarre cravings I get.

So… what are the health benefits of all of this vinegar consumption?


*jeopardy music*

Um… I once had to go to an emergency clinic in the middle of the night because I drank too much ACV that was about the same age as me and caused my tongue and throat to swell up so much I couldn’t breathe.

Hmm.. I guess that isn’t a benefit. That is a bizarre side effect to over-consumption – you can become allergic. In fact, for the majority of my life, after drinking vinegar my tongue would swell to bizarre sizes and actually look… well, SPLIT. It was hideous and it ached. And I have no clue why I insisted on continuing to do that to myself.

I cut back after that little episode (which occurred when I was about 17 or 18). By the time I was 20ish I was back on the horse. The subsequent lip/tongue/throat swelling isn’t an issue anymore – no clue why that went away or what “cured” the problem.

The point – I simply cannot put my stamp of approval on vinegar. I think it tastes fabulous. I love it… but I don’t look like I’m 12, I am not superwoman, my skin is NOT perfect, I get colds and the flu… sometimes if I drink too much I get a tummy ache… lol, oh and it doesn’t cure cancer or anything insane like that – I happened to have pre-cancerous cells on my cervix more than once…

OH but vinegar WAS USED to find those pre-cancer cells! (They swab white vinegar over the cervix, shine a bright light on it, and the bad cells show up opaque against the cervix _ I can’t say more about that… I didn’t see it myself).

Oh and I had an allergic reaction when they did that! Imagine that! lol… OK, DON’T imagine that.

So there you go. Drink it if you like (I certainly do), but don’t expect miracles.


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