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let me consult my arteries…. hmm, sounds like they aren’t interested
12 12 2007, 10:48 am
Filed under: daily grind, rants

Quick update and a mini-rant.

I am studying all day today. I said “screw it” to the exam I was going to take today. I am going to handle that exam tomorrow instead. I already have a review session tomorrow that is going to screw up that day. Might as well screw up one day rather than two.

The Rant: 

 I decided to go to McDonalds this morning. I ordered a large black coffee, a large diet coke, and a sausage burrito.

Would you like to try the new McSkillet Burrito?”

I was asked this a few weeks ago right after the new burrito debuted. After being assured that the new burrito didn’t contain tomatoes other than those included in the “fire-roasted salsa”, I decided to give it a try.

I made that decision knowing that the original burritos have 300 calories each. I knew this “new and improved” burrito would have “new and improved” calories… but “hey, how bad can it be” I asked myself.

It was good. Then again, how could it NOT be; big chunks of sausage, a gooey blend of cheeses, potatoes (meh, kinda mushy and no real flavor – these just add heft), the tasty salsa, and some other random ingredients. It definitely filled me up and I was satisfied.

Once I got to school that day, I immediately checked the McDonalds website for calorie content. 610 calories….

Has McDonalds set some kind of friggin quota for calories that must be consumed in a meal!?! Who the hell needs over 700 calories for breakfast? 700 calories, the majority of which come from fat nonetheless! (700  calories because remember they sell these things in a meal with a 140 calorie hashbrown and if you get OJ, regular soda, or coffee with cream or sugar, be sure to tack those calories on as well).

I was pissed. I’ve been irritated about the fact that the Sausage burritos (300 calories per burrito) have come in a meal with two burritosand a hashbrown. I used to get the meal and toss one of the burritos. Then I began eating only 1/2 of the hashbrown. Now I don’t bother with the damn meal.

So needless to say, when she asked if I wanted the new McArtery…. err.. McSkillet burrito, I said “no”. I wished I could have said WHY and had it mean something, but it doesn’t because McDonalds is a corporate monster. The only way to get a corporation like McDonalds to begin serving healthier, lower calorie options is for consumers to purchase the lowest calorie options on the menu or not to go to McDonalds at all. Yea, I see that happening right away…

Ok, I’m going to get back to Con law and save my hatred for corporation for another day.


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