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Hammer time
12 13 2007, 11:58 am
Filed under: daily grind, food

Well, the sadness has subsided a little… or maybe I am just starting to panic again about finals haha. No, I am really feeling better. Shortly after writing that blog last night, Brian offered to come back over (we had gone to dinner earlier), and instead I headed over to his place for the night. It was nice to have the distraction and it did help.

Speaking of dinner last night, it was fabulous! We went to a place downtown called Barcelona’s (spelling?). It is a tapas restaurant, a lot like Sangria’s if you are familiar with Royal Oak. Tapas are basically different types of Spanish appetizers. The entire table typically orders a bunch and they are passed around and shared amongst everyone.

We started with a variety of Spanish olives – they were fabulous – they tasted like they had just come out of the brine barrels in Eastern Market. We then had a variety of sausage and mussels in spicy marinara sauce. The next course was essentially a steak kabob which was very nicely cooked, but it was the horseradish aioli that it was plated upon that stole the show! I was seriously prepared to lift the plate and guzzle that sauce down haha. The last course was rich goat cheese and fresh marinara served with garlic bread. We decided to have dessert as well – bread pudding served with a wonderful caramel sauce. The dessert ended up being painful – not because we were too stuffed but because Brian fried his poor finger on the pan it was served in! 😦

On top of all of that great food, we drank sangria the whole time. By the time we left, I was feeling quite flushed.

Well today is the same ole studying… I am just glad Brian was able to make me feel so much better last night an I can get back to work feeling much happier.


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