the city chicken

a bun in the … pierogi?
01 3 2008, 1:32 pm
Filed under: daily grind, humor

This search term deserved a post all its own:

pierogies in pregnancy

So, is the searcher a real health nut who has lost her mind during pregnancy OR is it someone who hates pierogi (who could hate pierogies??) and is looking for an excuse not to eat them?


Anyhow, what else is up today? Well, I need to go to my psychiatrist for a Rx. I can’t believe I managed to get an appt. with him on such short notice (I called Tuesday!). After that I need to go clothing shopping. I have nothing that fits right now and yes, I plan to get back into all of those clothes, but in the mean time, I have to have something that works. Plus I need suits for my competition which is just in two weeks.

Other than that, lots of odd jobs.

Oh and an update: called my stylist today and asked her what in the heck to do with my hair. After I talked both to her and the shop owner, I was left with not a whole lot of advice – keep it moisturized and protected from heat – and they are refunding my money.

Good plan.



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