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Intervention and interviewing
01 3 2008, 11:12 am
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Intervention: hair.

I decided to get a perm when I went home to see my father. Friday morning I met up with a stylist I have used for years. She has always done a good job with anything I have asked and she has never “messed up” my hair… until last Friday.


The right side of my head has patches that can clearly be felt with the fingers that are totally missing. Whole rollers of hair must have fallen out while she was perming! Fortunately, that isn’t visible (I can’t wait for the flyaways when that shit grows out). But, the rest of the right side of my head looked just as straight as the day I walked in there!

The back of my head wasn’t bad… actually looked pretty nice.

The left side of my head is wavy, puffy, frizzy, and feels like straw.

I mean, couldn’t she have f*cked up my whole head rather than just random parts!?! What pisses me off is the fact that she clearly had to have known it was going to hell while she was doing it… and she should have told me so we could have begun washing it out then and there.

I will be calling her later today.

Interviewing: CCC

In other news, I am joining the Client Counseling Competition when I return to school. I am doing it because it kind of nerves me out a bit. I would like to improve in my confidence when dealing with non-lawyers. I was nervous at first but now I am excited about being in another competition.

Ok, off to chew out someone…



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OMG, and to think I was going to call her and get a perm because I liked yours, I’m so glad she offered to give you your money back, not like you were going to have all this extra time to get your hair done again. Got any great hats of scarves? So sorry to hear about your totally bad hair day!

Comment by Tonia

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