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sniffs and super sniffs
01 6 2008, 10:45 am
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Sniffs: Oliver


 Brian mentioned something while he was babysitting Oliver that suddenly made a lot of sense. He said he didn’t think Oliver could smell. I don’t know why this possibility hadn’t crossed my mind before.

Oliver doesn’t care about catnip at all. When I put catnip or treats in front of him, he will “sniff” at it, but I don’t think he is smelling anything… or at least not enough to keep his interest. He refuses to eat anything that isn’t put in his dish. In act, the only time I saw him eat a cat treat that wasn’t in his dish was once he knew they were cat treats because he had eaten them out of his dish before. I have put bacon and cheese in front of his nose and he didn’t even bat an eye and if you try to shmear something tasty on his mouth or nose, he panics… probably because he has no clue what the heck you are putting on him!

This helps to explain his occasional wheezing – perhaps he has some kind of respiratory problem. Whatever it is, the vet didn’t pick up on it and it doesn’t seem to be affecting him other than the fact that there are some joys of life for a cat that he is apparently missing out on. 😦

Super Sniffs: I mentioned before that one of my x-mas gifts from Brian was the Peaceful Progression Alarm Clock by Hammacher Schlemmer.  I haven’t gotten to use it yet for its main purpose – waking you up – but I have used the individual settings and the “sleep mode”. Sleep mode gives you the option of having a combination of aromatherapy, light, and/or sounds progressively lessen to help you fall asleep. The clock came with a variety of aromatherapy beads as well as felt circles which can be saturated with aromatherapy oils and used in lieu of the beads.

The whole thing is pretty cool. I can’t wait to try it. The alarm begins lighting up about 1/2 hour prior to your actual waking time and begins to dissipate the aromatherapy at that time too. 15 minutes before you want to wake up, the natural sounds can be set to begin. The light itself has about a zillion different intensities so when it begins to light up, it wouldn’t wake you up too soon. And of course, should you sleep through it all, there is an actual alarm that will go off at your set time. I’ve read great reviews about this alarm clock and I am so tickled that Brian got me such a cool gift. Considering Brian got me about the nicest digital camera around, he didn’t have to do the clock too… but I’m thrilled he did! 🙂


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Thanks for the post. No I’m not updating that blog. Shortly after starting it I discovered and have been getting my information there. It’s a great resource.

FYI, I am back on Vyvanse — 30 mg rather than 70 but will probably up to 50 — and off the Daytrana. Daytrana was worthless to me; Vyvanse has been a blessing. That may not be your experience as evidently they utilize different “amphetamine salts” (whatever that means).

I am not seeing an ADHD specialist but wish that I had. Actually, I should say that I am seeing an ADHD children’s specialist but wish I had seen someone who works primarily with adults. Your choice of psychiatrist is hugely important for this issue.

Let me know if you have any questions or other issues. I’m still going through this too so am always interested in knowing more.


Comment by dickard

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