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Being the lead jammer
03 24 2008, 8:03 am
Filed under: education, law students, outings

Interesting weekend. Went to see a roller derby. Yea, like girls on roller skates (yay for skates! I hate rollerblades),  wearing fishnets and skirts that are too short, checking each other into crowds of people sitting on the sidelines. It was pretty cool.

I went with a group of other students to the roller derby and then a couple of us headed to an after party hosted by the roller girls at a local bar. I had two drinks and could barley stand up – that would have never happened in college…. hell, that would have been even less likely in high school!

As the rest of my social peers become more and more likely to become alcoholics, I become less and less likely to even take a sip. Not because I am avoiding alcohol but because I seem to always be avoiding appearing “typical”. I have yet to discover what a “non-typical vice” is. Regardless, none of the people I was with the other day are alcoholics or aspire to be so the subject doesn’t really fit here.

Yesterday Brian and I spent some time together realizing there isn’t much to do on Easter Sunday. Everything was closed for the most part, including the gym. We managed to find a restaurant that wasn’t fast food and wasn’t totally jam packed and then headed back to my place to watch an 80’s movie. It was a relaxing afternoon.

This week begins preperation for finals. Joy. Probably the biggest challenge won’t be my typical finals – it will be preperation for the final trial in Trial Practice. I met my partner for the final trial on Saturday and found out he has three people he can ask to help out as witnesses and jurors. That is good. Between the two of us we need two jurors and three witnesses. I figured it wouldn’t be too big of a problem until I realized that the jurors need to be at the city county building from 9am till 2pm on that Saturday, get no lunch break, AND MY juror doesn’t get to sit in MY trial – they send them elsewhere to avoid anyone stacking their own jury. Sure, that is “fair” for the competition but not for the potential juror who is stuck watching strangers conduct a trial that isn’t mandatory for them to attend. Being a witness could pass as being a good time … heck, being a juror would be fun but I get the feeling not everyone would agree with me. We’ll see.


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