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I love Ellen
05 6 2008, 12:04 pm
Filed under: daily grind, Oliver

I had a whole theme to this post and then I scrapped it … kind of. So here is what is left of the original. Oh and sorry the title stayed the same even though the post has nothing to do with “Ellen” anymore.


Anyhow, I’m not just spending my day watching television (although it is on). I am busy studying for my crim pro exam which is on Thursday at 9am. After that will be the mad dash to clean, organize, pack, and prep for my trip to St. Petersburg with Brian and his friends (his family is already there). Lil’ man is going to Brian’s sister’s place. Speaking of, Brian dropped off some new fish last night and Oliver particularly likes the albino “sucky fish”.

 albino fishy

^^albino sucky fish^^


Oliver enjoying the fish tank

And on a final note, for those people contemplating law school, related to or friends with/dating a law student and curious about what it is like, here is the best visual description of what it is like to be a law student:




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