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Plenty o’ updates.
05 18 2008, 7:14 pm
Filed under: vacations

Lots of updates, pictures, and news.

A) We are back from Florida. We returned on Friday, four of us coming home with extreme colds. Brian and I have gone from sore throats to stuffed noses to a hacking cough that rivals anything I have had in years. We both are feeling much better today – I haven’t even taken any meds today which is shocking considering the incredibly harsh day I had yesterday.

B) Tomorrow I begin working at my new job!!! I am really excited … it is just now hitting me that I will actually be doing what I am going to be doing for a living one day! This is what I have waited for all this time.

So, Florida. I am uploading some vids of the hotel we stay at and the beach/sunset… I figure since I have gone to this same location twice and it is the same place Brian and his friends and fam go to twice a year, I might as well share some of the details with you all.

Beach bird

This is the beach right in front of our hotel which I try to zoom in on at the end of the video.

The hotel

This video shows the hotel – it is a small hotel but that is what makes it so special. The rooms are nice and are equipped with great kitchens which helps to keep the cost of going down at least a little bit.


Just a nice sunset.

Brian and I collected a ton of shark’s teeth this year. We also found a few fossilized crab claws and I found a black shell. I love searching for the teeth… anyone who knew me as a kid knows I spent hours on the beach in Pt. Austin searching for sea glass… well, this is about 100x’s more challenging and I find it peaceful.


The loot.


Fossilized shark’s tooth.


Crab claw.

Well, that is that for now. Have a good night everyone!


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