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City chicken – the showdown!
06 19 2008, 9:34 am
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The Ultimate City Chicken Showdown has begun! July 4th I prepared a traditional version of the recipe and split the batch into two. Half browned in margarine and half browned in crisco. The verdict: no difference!!! Both my boyfriend and I tried both and could not tell the difference – a day later I tried some again and was unable to detect any difference at all.

The next showdown? I will try a marinade recipe submitted by a reader and I plan to play around with the meats at some point in the future as well. Stay tuned!!

//end update//

 Thanks to reader comments, I have compiled a large list of thoughts, ideas, and recipes regarding city chicken. I’ve been craving some recently and after reading a particularly unusual city chicken recipe, I got a great idea – a city chicken showdown! I’m thinking of trying out a number of different recipes in order to find both the best traditional version as well as the best, updated recipe for the 21st century.

Some people have specific cuts of meat they like to use, some people are die hard “scrap” users. Some marinade their skewers. Some people make gravy, others find the idea of gravy actually offensive! And then there is the ultimate fight – what to fry those babies in; butter, margarine, Crisco, olive oil?



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If you need a judge to help figure out which one is better, I can be available.

Comment by The Boyfriend

I am going to format my reciepe differtantly,easier too read, and more pricice.Look soon for the ulitamate winning reciepe! My wife will type it, so we get this right.I hope some one comes up with something better,I am always open too suggestions! Let the comptition begin! Rock on city chicken!

Comment by Mark Pratt

My mom (in Louisville, KY) used to make this every week. She used crushed Ritz crackers instead of bread crumbs and baked with chicken broth. Yum Yum. Very buttery and juicy.

Comment by Ceilidh Creech

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