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Hola… and a visit to the Supreme Court
06 19 2008, 8:50 am
Filed under: daily grind

Today the interns and a couple of our “over-seeers” are going on a little field trip to the state Supreme Court. I have been there before for oral argument and I enjoyed it. Today after the argument we will be meeting with some of the justices to ask questions. I am curious how they ended up where they are and what they think it takes to be a really great judge.

After our little outing we are being taken to lunch and for the remainder of the day I will be working on a motion.

I’ve decided after reading some of the agency’s e-mails and listening to some of the attorney’s on the phone with their clients that it would be really, really, REALLY, beneficial to learn Spanish. Every other day we see e-mails come through from the office interpreters regarding visits to various correctional facilities – essentially, everyone with a Spanish speaking client is at the mercy of the interpreters schedule. There are a couple attorneys who speak Spanish and I can tell it helps them a great deal. They may still need an interpreter from time to time – I doubt basic Spanish includes all of the odd terms we deal with on a daily basis – but a little bit is better than nothing.

I’m not opposed to learning Spanish but if I have to learn a foreign language, that isn’t the one I want to know! I figure there have to be some great Spanish programs out there though considering how many Americans have to learn the language for their jobs. If anyone knows a particularly good program – fill me in.



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