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08 12 2008, 2:41 am
Filed under: fun stuff, romance and relationships

I couldn’t have possibly posted everything about last week in the last post I made; it would have ended up pages long. So here are some details.

The ride from point A to point B sucked. Plain and simple. The “check engine” light went on in the middle of nowhere Indiana. I found myself in BFE asking toothless porch sitters for directions only to discover that they either really wanted a ride up north OR that they never leave their little town because they were WAY too excited about the fact that I was headed north. Fortunately for me, the only problem with the car was my own negligence and unfamiliarity with popping the hood and checking fluids myself!

On my way home I stopped in Lansing to see my little (well… younger) cousin. I haven’t seen him in YEARS and it was high time for he and I to spend at least an afternoon catching up. I took him to a nice dinner at one of my old favorite haunts, took a ride with him through MSU’s campus, and chatted for hours. I was exhausted from my crazy ordeal earlier in the day but I am so glad I took the time to stop and see him.

Friday the first consisted of chilling with dad and then the rehearsal and dinner at the groom’s family’s home. Rehearsal was a big shocker to me. I have never stood up in a wedding before and prior to that point, I was just as ridiculously excited as the little flower girl. I have been waiting to see this wedding for a long time and I couldn’t wait to be a part of the day. At least that is how I felt until we lined up to rehearse the processional. That is when panic struck. The music started, the couples in front of me began walking and I began to fidget. I mean, all of my friends are getting married and/or having children (not necessarily in any particular order). I find myself thinking, “WHAT THE F*&# ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?” on a regular basis! Ok, so it isn’t like we are teenagers anymore. My friends at this particular wedding had dated for 8 and 1/2 years prior to marriage!! That is more than enough time to make a decision. I just can’t believe how fast it is all happening. I guess some people stun me more than others. I found myself really happy with the fact that I haven’t had to make such a huge commitment yet. I am sure still being in school has helped to keep me mentally from being on any kind of fast track to marriage but I find myself really glad that is the case now.

So the wedding itself was emotional too – it is pretty bizarre seing my friends get married when I remember back to high school when we would talk about what our weddings would be like. Even though my cousin who got married this past Saturday and I are close and are the same age, I didn’t have that same kind of emotional moment like I had at my friend’s wedding. It is just different. After the ceremony, we all boarded a huge purple school bus. At first this all seemed pretty  . . . strange. But it was a lot of fun. Do I foresee a big purple bus in my wedding future? Negative. But I am glad I got to be part of a traditional “up nort'” weddin’.

And I’m really glad it was all offset by attending my cousin’s lovely wedding the following week!



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