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Oddities, an update, and a vegan lasagna
08 15 2008, 11:37 am
Filed under: vegetarian, work

So I was staring out the window of my “boss’s” office (I’ll explain later) and I see a city bus go by bearing a huge purple poster on it. No images, just the large, bold statement that “Over 50% of American pregnancies are unplanned“.  Before I could even read the rest, my brain made assumptions; it’s probably an ad for birth control, pregnancy tests, or a class for ignorant individuals (I wish). Well I was wrong. In smaller, less bold font the ad matter-of-factly states, “Start taking folic acid today“. 

I get it, I just don’t think that is the most effective ad I’ve ever seen.

In other news, the reason I was staring out the window in the first place. For the most part this summer I have arrived to work and began doing whatever I needed to do for the day or I checked in with whatever attorney I was working with at the time. This week my supervising attorney was especially busy and I thought that would be great – he could give me some cases to work on! Not so much. I have been going with him to a lot of stuff, but for the most part I haven’t really had a whole lot to do. I was hoping that at some point this summer something would go to trial but I can’t even get one of my suppressions to go!  I am going to just have to take matters into my own hands I think.

School starts soon . . . not too much more to say about that.

Tonight I am making a vegan lasagna for Brian and I. Well, almost vegan. 1/2 of the lasagna will have cheese and the other half won’t and I want to do a little taste test. I have never had vegan lasagna but after looking over the recipe, I am sure I will enjoy it. I am just curious if Brian will be able to detect the differences. 🙂

After that it sounds like we are going to go celebrate a friend’s birthday so it may be a late night.



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