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Is that your caveman?
08 18 2008, 8:15 pm
Filed under: ideas, law

I’ve discussed intellectual property rights in the past. My post today is about a less obvious possible infringement. I downloaded an episode of the Pink Panther yesterday on iTunes entitled Prehistoric Pink. One of the very first shots in the show is this:


Immediately I knew that little caveman looked a little too familiar.


I can’t tell you when Little Ceasars created their spokes-cartoon or when this character first appeared on an episode of the Pink Panther. I just found it interesting and notable.


Oh, and an update. In my previous posts about possible copyright infringement of the Shawnimal Wee Ninja, it appears that there has been a resolution of some sorts. The creator of Shawnimals proudly has announced the future release of Ninja Town, a video game for the Nintendo DS. How is that for getting business done!?! Congrats to him.


 (I happen to own a Wee Ninja now. He is stealthfully watching me type this).

 P.S. Oliver is working undercover as we speak. Perhaps we’ll have his latest story for you later in the week 😉


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