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Your word is your bond, or something like that.
09 18 2008, 8:22 am
Filed under: daily grind, outings

I’m pretty sure not too long ago I mentioned something about wanting to update the blog at least a little bit each day. So much for that. 

So what has happened this week?

Well, Saturday Brian and I worked out in the morning for the first time in a while since he and I had been sick. It was really rough! In the afternoon we went to the State Museum. Some of the exhibits were really interesting and it was a pretty quiet day there so we had the place pretty much to our selves. The museum stayed true to its’ location and showed the evolution of the plants, people, and animals from the area over the millennia. At the exhibit about the pioneer era, I found myself looking around to try and figure out how someone could have stepped in cow shit. Brian found the source of the smell the hard way by sticking his nose right into a tube of manure. There was a whole set of tubes with different scents from the era. Go figure that you had to press your nose right against the tubes smelling like corn bread or lavender but the manure scent managed to permeate the entire area.

School is school. Evidence is somewhat entertaining as I watch a good number of my classmates look cross-eyed at the rules. I know how they feel, I am just glad I have gotten a taste of the rules already. Trusts and Estates is a really boring subject and although the professor is trying to spruce it up, it doesn’t help a whole lot. My other two classes have great potential to be interesting, we just haven’t gotten there yet. Hopefully it will get better here soon.

Today is a Thursday and Thursdays stink.  The rest of the week I’m hoping to make the best of and get caught up on some school stuff.


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