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09 21 2008, 10:28 pm
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I have no clue what is happening for Halloween this year. It is a rare day that I even care – it is not my favorite holiday by a long shot. However, last night I suddenly was in the spirit when I discovered the greatest Halloween costume ever!! haha. 


I think I’ll be taking a video shot of my lil Rhinestone Cowboy closer to the holiday.

Last year after the fact I discovered a ton of fun, freaky recipes for party crowds and I would love to take a shot at some of them. Maybe this year I’ll make some if we go to a party and/or I might whip up a couple trial batches for Brian and his friends. I’m thinking of creating some eyeballs, bleeding hearts, and there is a really tasty sounding “flesh eating worm”. Yum yum.

So what else is up? Brian and I worked out yesterday morning and then went to a local breakfast joint. I got cherries jubilee crepes – HOLY&*^%!!!! They were amazing! The rest of Saturday and today I spent cleaning up the bathroom, kitchen, and watching movies. For the first time in . . . perhaps ever, the entire apartment is CLEAN! Garbage has been taken out, aquarium is filled and free of algae, you could eat in the bathroom, and dishes are clean and put away . . . and I can sleep wherever the heck I feel like! My goal is to keep the place manageable for good but at least until mom and Ron arrive for Thanksgiving.

Speaking of which, I think they will be able to come down on Wednesday night this year rather than on Thanksgiving day. For the last two years I have gone to Brian’s Aunt and Uncle’s place to eat the big meal and then got home in time to meet mom and Ron. This year however we will be celebrating the holiday the weekend before so on Thanksgiving itself we will be free. I’m exciting to have them down this year as it will be the first time the apartment won’t be in transition. I do plan to have Ron help me move the aquarium and television while they are here but otherwise there won’t be a whole lot of odd jobs that will need to be done this time around.

Well that is all for now – this week will likely prove to be the same ole same ole.


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Where do you most often go to attend Halloween parties?
I went twice in NYC and once in London(UK) that was really fun…


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