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The Daily Dish takes on the War for the Whitehouse
09 22 2008, 7:30 am
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Welcome back for another edition of the Daily Dish. I am your host Oliver and I have decided to share with you my political views about Sarah Palin. I love her!
I don’t usually take an interest in political matters but after my human showed me this video, I was hooked:

The less wolves, the better! After all, a wolf is just a really huge, mean, dog. Who could possibly want those things roaming around?! I know I don’t.

My human does not care for Gov. Palin; something to do with McCain pandering to female voters . . . I’m not sure what she’s so hyped up about. She has even tried to convince me to be an Obama supporter because together we make less than $250,000 a year and Obama’s plan will give us better tax breaks.
*posh* Maybe she plans to be poor for life but I personally am optimistic that she’ll be raking in six figures within the next 4 years!

In closing, Sarah Palin for VP. I’m not sure what else she plans to do while she is in office but we can be sure there will be less wolves around!


Next time on the Daily Dish – pet food recalls and how it affects you!


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