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It’s all over!
10 7 2008, 5:47 am
Filed under: current events, politics

I voted yesterday. I was at work and received a city-wide e-mail saying that you could vote early this whole week without any reason or excuse. On my lunch break I headed on over to the city building and 15 minutes later I was done. Quick and easy, even with having to fill out an absentee ballot. Why would I vote early? Well, voting on a Monday (when I have no classes) is a whole lot easier than trying to vote on a Tuesday when I need to be in school all day and can only go to the polls at the same time as everyone else. Plus my polling station is in a very busy school area – when I arrived to vote during the primary I was met with tons of traffic and no where to park – although the actual voting process was rather quick. Now that our state has been moved into the toss-up category, I would rather get this out of the way earlier than later. 


Interestingly enough, tomorrow I will likely be going to an Obama rally. I’m probably not the kind of voter the candidates want to talk to anymore but I’ll go nonetheless. It is a rare day that you get to see a Presidential candidate. One of my classmates sent me an e-mail saying she wanted to go and I’m glad she told me about it. Brian has been a pretty hard core Obama supporter since the get go so he took the day off of work tomorrow to go with us. It should be a lot of fun and even if we can’t get in (first come, first served), it should be an energetic place to be either way.


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