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Obama rally
10 12 2008, 7:17 pm
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Wednesday Brian, myself, and a friend from school headed to an Obama rally at the state fair grounds. I have lots of pictures and videos so brace yourself. First of all, recall that I had already voted on Monday. Brian spotted this picture on the local newspaper’s website later that same day! Can you spot me!?!


Wednesday morning, Brian picked me up, we picked up my friend and we arrived at the fair grounds around 8:30am. There was already a pretty decent line heading toward the grandstand. The weather was drizzly and dreary and gray but we were kept fairly entertained by two adorable Obama supporters in front of us in line (two little girls) and the constant flow of people selling buttons and t-shirts.

Around 10am, people began to stream into the grandstand. We had the option of standing in the mud but I was in heels, Brian had a t-shirt on (not great rain gear) and my friend is like, 4’9. We opted to sit in the stands.

People came in after us in a never ending drove. An estimated 21,000 people showed up. During the set-up for the event we spotted snipers on top of a U-haul, prepared to haul U away. hehe.


Andre Carson and Jill Long Thompson spoke fairly early and then things quieted down as we waited for the big arrival. The crowd would spontaneously burst into cheers and then get super quiet as people tried to figure out where he would arrive from. Eventually someone spotted the motorcade and all hell broke loose.

As Obama arrived, Senator Evan Bayh gave a short introductory speech and then madness ensued as Barack Obama took stage.

I couldn’t help but be excited by the fact that everyone else was excited. He isn’t a singer or a movie star, he wasn’t here to entertain us, he was here to give us incentive to choose him to be the next President of the United States. I’m so glad so many people thought it was important enough to show up to a political rally.

Senator Obama gave about an hour long speech. The majority of it focused on health care which made me very happy. While I know that health care will have to take a back seat to the economy for a while, I am glad he hasn’t stopped talking about such a huge issue.

There were a few rabble rousers but nothing that wasn’t quickly and quietly handled and Senator Obama made it clear he was here for those who wanted to listen. He does have an interesting and exciting aura about him and it made it feel like he really cared about every one of us who attended.
was what I wanted to see and feel and I got it.

Sarah Palin arrives in the state on Friday. I would go but it seems that Brian and I will be headed off to the Creation Museum in Kentucky that day and then over to visit our friends in Evansville who just had their first baby, a lovely little girl, arrive last week. We plan to have a great weekend!

And because WordPress is being a &U*)(FHIOY&UE$, the videos will appear in later separate posts – all separate posts. &%$R*)(*U)(%$U)(

Thank you.


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