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The War for the White House
11 4 2008, 8:40 pm
Filed under: Daily Dish, politics


It is time for another edition of the Daily Dish with your host Oliver. I’m coming to you tonight from the futon where I am trying to watch the election results. It may be time to call one of those election problem hotlines; my human is restricting my ability to watch the poll results. We began the evening civilly enough – munching on nachos and watching the very first results pour in from right here in Indiana.

Problem A) The human insists we watch CNN rather than Fox News. Since I am a Sarah Palin (and that guy running with her) supporter, I have found that in order to get news with a Palin bias, I must watch Fox News. Consequently the human has banned the network from this house.

Problem B) As it became more apparent that the race would be tight here in Indiana, the human began doing some odd, nervous dance, squealed and changed the channel completely – turning it to some ridiculous syndicated show called 7th Heaven. Apparently I will have to resign myself to using the internets . . . or perhaps stealing her remote . . .




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