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Now taking a step back
11 5 2008, 8:07 am
Filed under: politics

California . . . it looks like Proposal 8 will pass. This hurts my heart. The definitive factor amongst voters; age. 

Why does this hurt me? Because my generation will have to clean up amendments to damn near every single state constitution through out the United States. 

I will give “them” a little something – when it comes to economic and political policy, young voters who vote democrat may very well become republican voters in the future. I don’t predict the same trend when it comes to gay marriage – our generation simply feels differently. We don’t see it as a loss for Christianity, we see it as a loss for the opportunity to take part in sharing love and family. 


To all of those personally affected by such amendments, I say have faith – a new generation will ring in change in time.


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Thank you! Im sure Indiana will be VERY last on the list for something like Gay Marriage to be legal…even Civil Unions for that matter…but its nice to know people are on our side.

Comment by Sarah Gilley

What I am concerned about is the fact that a majority of the minority vote went in favor of the ban. Its like they forget that LBGT community is another group who’s civil rights are being denied!

Comment by The Boyfriend

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